About Us

Welcome to AGG-Blacbox.com

We have been serving the industry with our expertise and people. We have been renowned face in the industry for quality products and services. After experiencing tedious process of tenders, quotations and orders involving extensive cost, its time for B2B procurement. We have created a unique platform for the industry; an Online Platform i.e. www.agg-blackbox.com which will act as bridge between the seller and the buyer. It will not only ease the process of buying and selling but also reduce the procurement lead time. It is a platform to bring Global B2B experience.

Our Vision

“To make it a Global Platform and bring a Revolutionary Change in buying and selling experience of Industrial B2B Commerce and Supply Operations Globally.”

Our Mission

“To create an exclusive sphere of online buying and selling of Industrial Products and to bridge the gap between consumers and B2B sellers, which caters to the needs of all its https://agglab.co.in/